EOCT: The clock is ticking

It’s this time of year that students start stressing out about the dreaded End of Course Test

It is almost time for bathing suits, sandals, shorts, tanktops, lake vacations, and beach getaways, Summer time! The time every student looks forward to after their, “I cannot wait for school to start” phase.

Although, before that freeing, sleep in everyday, warm weather time can come, the dreaded End Of Course Test must be taken.

It’s the test that students dread.

“The EOCT should not be taken at the end of the year, because we forget what we have learned in the past months,” said sophomore Tony Tran. “Why not cancel all the PARs and take an EOCT at the end of every nine weeks? Then it would be much easier on difficult test takers to remember the recently ‘drilled in head’ knowledge. I believe the passing rates would go up more, and students would not stress as much as palm sweating, sleepless nights test arrives.”

Sophomore Makayla Horne also gave us her input on the nerve-wracking test.

“How I feel about the EOCT is really nervous,” she said. “I feel like I have to cram as much stuff in as possible while I still have the chance. Even though I do know I am going to do okay, I feel as if I am spiraling downhill because I am scared of the outcomes. But, I do know this. If the teachers actually taught me something this year, each score will reflect it and therefore give me an opportunity to show what I know.”

Sophomore Kiara Saez, has a complete opposite view. She feels like the EOCT is a great recap of everything we have gone over in the school year.

“It reviews everything we have gone over, yet some things we have not gone over,” she said. “Overall, it’s not so complicated, and we get a good amount of time to finish all the questions.”

“I think the math EOCT will be very complicated,” said Island Smalley. “I love math though. I heard some teachers aren’t teaching. The other problem I have is computer work such as Carnegie and USA test prep, that is not helping us any and don’t helping our grade. Computers don’t teach us. Teachers do.”