Have confidence

Jarde’ Holliday says what others think about you isn’t as important as what you think about yourself


Jasmine Hughes

Jarde’ Holliday

Have you ever thought to yourself, “How come I’m not pretty like her?” Or have you ever wanted to be someone else because you didn’t like how you looked?

Well I can contribute to this topic because I am a major vitcim of low self-confidence. My middle school years were a very trying time in my life because I use to get judged on how I looked and it made me think very little of myself.

In middle school I always wanted to be someone else instead of myself. I started to hate being me because I was so obsessed with being perfect for other people instead of being perfect for all my imperfections.

Many girls and boys have low self-confidence because of the view that society has of the perfect girl or the perfect guy. Most girls have very low self-confidence because we judge ourselves too harshly, like saying, “I’m too fat” or “I need to be skinnier.” I think it is really unnecessary because everybody is beautiful no matter their color, shape or size.

Sometimes when I hear girls down themselves I just feel bad for them. You should always find yourself beautiful. Even if no one says it, you should know it already on the inside.

I can attest to this because when I got in high school I started to notice how much I love certain aspects of me like my eyes or my lips. They are the simple things that can change your point of view of yourself.

Yes, I still notice the things on me that I don’t like, but who doesn’t have things they don’t like about themselves. There are times when I just look in a mirror and admire the things I love about myself and smile.

Also, even though the guys don’t want to admit it, they have self-confidence problems too. The lonely guy in the corner is probably thinking, “What does he have that I don’t?” or “why does he get all the girls and I don’t?”

Everybody has experienced it and the only thing I can say it that you shouldn’t try to be anyone but yourself. If people can’t accept you for the way you are, then it shouldn’t matter. As long as you love yourself, you will always have high self-confidence.