Roughs in the diamond

Cross Creek is a great school, but some things could still use some TLC


Jasmine Hughes

The writer thinks toilet paper sitting on top of a sanitary napkin bin.

I can say that Cross Creek is one of the best, or the best public high schools in Richmond County. We’ve made AYP the last few years, the majority of students pass major tests and we have a great NJROTC program.

However, there are some things here on campus that can be improved or changed.


Aren’t you tired of straining your ears to listen to the announcements? Cross Creek should really stop making announcements while we are on the way to class. A few days ago, I was in the hall and I thought for sure that I had heard my name. I ignored it. When I got to class everyone was telling me that they heard my name. This is a major communication problem that should be fixed for us students.

But assistant principal Ms. Sheahan said there is another side to the issue.

“Even though it’s hard to hear, it’s very important to reduce interruptions during class instruction”, Sheahan said.


The first time I used Cross Creek’s bathroom I was disgusted. On my first day of high school I had to ask a stranger to hold the stall door for me. Why haven’t the locks on the bathroom stalls been repaired? I visited and the locks they sell range from $16.00-57.00. Is Richmond County that broke that they can’t afford a $16.00 lock? Or did the school not report the issue?

Another issue is the toilet roll holders. The tissue is never on the roll. It’s always on the nasty floor or on the sanitary bins in the girl’s bathroom. The soap dispensers are always low on soap, so people are forced to leave the bathroom with germy hands.


This bathroom stall has no latch.
This bathroom stall has no latch.

I also asked me Sheahan about the bathroom issue, and she agrees that it can be aggravating not having stall locks. She even took me with her to report the issue. It’s said to be fixed this summer.


After leaving comestology class you’re on the way to chemistry, on the way there you hear Dr. Moore scream “four seconds!” You start running down the hall. You make it to class but you’re still tardy because you were not in your seat. This tardy rule is a little extreme.

Being in your seat isn’t going to make you more ready for class than standing up.

Guidance counselor Mr. Rowe feels the rule makes sense and that it isn’t crazy at all.

“It’s moral and ethical,” said Rowe.


Teacher communication in this school is terrible. Students should be notified about certain things days or even weeks ahead. Posting a reminder on Edmodo at 8:00PM about a random test is not cool. Telling students that there is a club meeting on the day of the meeting is also not cool. Are we supposed to just drop everything and cater to you?

We have a life too.

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Intercom speaker
Sometimes it is hard to hear announcements when students are changing class.