Working the tournament

Cross Creek students make extra money working at The Masters

Working the tournament

Some Cross Creek students recently got a chance to work at the nation’s most prestigious golf tournament, The Masters.

Every year in the month of April the world recognized Masters Golf Tournament, is hosted at the Augusta National golf course. The Masters tournament, according to Forbes, brings in 250,000 people and revenue of $36 million into the city of Augusta. The event’s total economic impact has been estimated at $110 million.

Cross Creek seniors Tashun Livingston, Kambria McIver, Sierra Lewis, Jessica Harris, and Lauren Klaus are a few we can name that worked at The Masters. Each student’s experience was different, but all mentioned it being a great opportunity.

Even though the students may have had different jobs and duties all agreed that a typical work day would consist of getting up early and clocking out late.

“I hardly got any sleep”, said Jessika Harris. Harris, whose job duty was stand attendant, described her experience working for The Masters as being awesome. She said she met many different celebrities, one being, Johnny Depp, with whom she had lunch and shared a conversation.

Sierra Lewis expressed how working The Masters was tiring, but she enjoyed the experience.

Lewis worked as a greeter, so she meet and spoke with many different people from around the world.

Tashun Livingston and Kambria McIver had the same job as stand attendant. Livingston said she enjoyed watching the golfers tee off.

Not every student had jobs that required them to be on their feet.

Lauren Klaus, whose job duty was being a golf driver, said she really enjoyed her job.  She drove historical golfer, Lee Elder. The only thing Klaus didn’t enjoy was the heat and having to work from 4 a.m. to  10 p.m. This was Klaus’ second year working The Masters. When asked what advice can be given to those who want to work The Masters, students said it is best to go online and fill out an application as soon as possible and prepare for an interview. Each student enjoyed their experience and were eager to receive their checks.