Tour de France – Razorback style

Cross Creek students go international


Special to the Times

Malcolm Robinson (from left) Martazia McBride, Rockell Rome and Cheyenne Clark

Would it scare you to go out of the country for the first time and not even have your parents with you? Not even some of your closest friends, just some of your peers from school who could come up with enough money to go?

Four students from Cross Creek left this past Spring Break to go explore France and some other beautiful countries, with Mr. N’Kutula, the school’s french teacher.

“That was my first time on a plane. I had a window seat so it was pretty cool,” said Martaza McBride who is a second-year French student. “My favorite part was the boat ride when we got to watch the Eiffel Tower light up.”

McBride said everything is really expensive. For instance, a McChicken cost about $7, she said.

“Everywhere we went was pretty packed,” McBride said. “And there were many different cultures and people there.”

They left Saturday, April 5th. They went to France for three days then Normandy for two. They visited where Joan of Arc was burned because she was accused of witchcraft, the Eiffel Tower, the Normandy Landing Beach, where the Germans bunkers were during World War II and the American Cemetery for the fallen American soldiers.

They also visited some magnificent French monuments, like the Louvre, Le Sacre Coeur, Le Moulin Rouge, and the Cathedral Notre Dame.

Junior Malcolm Robinson, was not fazed by the flight because he is a military child. But Malcolm said he noticed the first- time fliers were scared.

“The flight was very long, but the places we visited were beautiful,” Robinson said.

Robinson’s favorite dinner dish was a tomato with hamburger meat inside, while Malcolm favorite dessert was

“It was easy to understand the French people, but they talk extremely fast,” Robinson said.