Singing a tune of success

Mrs. Walden, Cross Creek teacher of the year, brings a cheerful approach to her classes


Hannah Glover

Mrs. Walden is proud of her teacher of the year nomination.

You may hear singing coming from room 202 if you are ever walking down the language arts hallway.

A bubbly, energetic voice singing “good morning” to her students as they begin class.

Well, the woman behind that door is not just your average teacher; that teacher is Mrs. Walden, Cross Creek’s 2014 teacher of the year.

Walden has been teaching for 24 years. Before she came to Cross Creek, Walden taught at T.W. Josey and Glenn Hills high schools. Walden says her favorite part of teaching is being able to converse with students and encourage them.

For Walden to be such an enthusiastic teacher it might seem strange that she actually almost went a different route. Walden said she actually wanted to be an operator for AT&T  before she thought about teaching. She said she had a “clear voice” and thought “that would be the perfect job for me.”

Luckily for Cross Creek, a friend of Walden’s mother suggested she become a teacher.

If anyone has ever had Walden as a teacher or passed by her class at the right moment, they have heard the singing. Walden sings to her students at the beginning of class and also as a way to make students remember certain things. Walden says she likes to “encourage” her students and “lift their spirits”.

“I am so elated!” Walden said, when asked how she felt about receiving her very first teacher of the year award. “I feel blessed by God to be able to represent Cross Creek”.

Walden enjoys spending time with her family when she isn’t teaching. She has two sons, one who attends Savannah State University, and another who is a sophomore at Cross Creek.

When asked if she had any advice for students she replied “keep a positive outlook on life”. As far as advice for other educators, Walden said, “Keep your desire to want to make a difference with students.”