Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Alvarnaz

Students have already become familiar with new face at Cross Creek


Jamiquia Glover

Mr. Alvarnaz. No, his head isn’t being eaten by that big blue skull.

Returning students to Cross Creek this year saw a new face on the Language Arts hall.

Mr. Alvarnaz took the place of former Spanish teacher Mr. James, who went to teach in Atlanta this year.

Alvarnaz came to Cross Creek from Butler High School, and said he was excited about making the switch.

“I absolutely love it here,” he said. “There’s a big change teaching at Butler, then coming to teach at Cross Creek, because the students really want to learn and respect their teachers.”

Many students like Alvarnaz for his sense of humor and stylish dress.

Alvarnaz and his wife, Marsha, are expecting a baby boy in January.

“I am so excited,” Alvarnaz said. “I think we’re going to name him Rhaego.”

Alvarnaz explained that the name comes from a character in the TV series “Game of Thrones”.

In his spare time, Alvarnaz loves to go kayaking, fishing, and cooking for the love of his life.