Teacher Spotlight: Coach Carter

Coach Carter enjoys working at Cross Creek

Chloe McDowell

Coach Carter enjoys working at Cross Creek

Coach Carter is a very enthusiastic person when he talks about sports. He is always in a good mood when he gets to school.

He is a gym teacher and a basketball coach for Cross Creek High School. He has been a gym teacher for about nine years. Also, he has been teaching basketball for about 15 years now.

Carter’s favorite color is blue and his birthday is Dec. 26. He has a son that is almost a year old.

The coach’s love for teaching and basketball gives kids the motivation to want to play basketball and want to participate in gym class. He also teaches health.

Carter says he enjoys spreading his love of sports.

“I love coaching,” Carter says. “I love teaching young people about sports.”

Carter says he also has a special place in his heart for Cross Creek.

“I love how everyone gets along; it is the best school I have ever worked at,” Carter said. “It is the best organized school in Richmond County”.