Student Spotlight: Summer Moye

Summer Moye

Summer Moye

Summer Moye is a very intelligent student and a great friend to everyone. She is in 10th grade and is 15 years old; her birthday is October 17, 1998. Summer’s favorite thing to do is fish and her favorite subject is horticulture because, “it is interesting.”

Summer says she doesn’t like school very much.

“I have to work on patience”, she said.

Summer likes to hunt on the weekends when she is not focusing on school work. Asked what she thought about the teachers at Cross Creek, summer replied, “I don’t think teachers should be so hard on students. I don’t like when they put bad grades in first.”

Summer’s favorite sport is football because she likes to cheer on Georgia. Summer tries so hard to keep her grades up and make her parents proud. She absolutely loves being in horticulture because she says that’s her favorite teacher. She is a great friend and will do anything for someone she cares about. In her spare time, she loves going hunting with her step dad.