Inside the mind of Dr. Moore

We all know Dr.Moore as the guy who loves to give out tardies, famous for the long the PA announcements and always yelling at you “TWO MINUTES LEFT” as you walk to your next class.

He’s the last guy you’d want to walk by with your shirt out but the first you could go to when you need help.

Dr.Moore will never take “no” or “I don’t know” as an answer.

But despite what we think we know about Dr. Moore, what is he really like?


Dr.Moore is a family man who goes to church on Sundays. He also likes to attend Bible studies.

Moore has a bachelors’, master’s and doctorate degree in educational leadership, as well as a degree in chemistry.

Dr. Moore runs one of the best schools in Richmond County. Cross Creek consistently has some of the highest test scores in the area. Moore has full belief in every teacher and student. That being said, when he was asked if he would let his son go to Cross Creek, it was an obvious, yes.

Moore said Cross Creek has “good teachers, students, programs and opportunities” and always receives support from people willing to help.

When asked if there was one thing he could fully fund in the school, Moore replied, “Technology.” He said he would get iPads for the students, new computers and “top-of-the-line” electronics.

Speculations about uniform implementations have spread through the school like wildfire, but Dr. Moore clarified a few things.

Moore said the idea of uniforms have been discussed over the years. He said “styles change and consistency would be more beneficial.”

Moore also said it would take student initiative. Ultimately there is no set date for the installation of uniforms, but the idea is in the air, he said.

When asked if he could do anything other than being in the educational field Moore said, “If i got a call today, I would go up in the space shuttle. I think it would be cool.”