Student Spotlight: Brittany Hadden

If you asked freshman Brittany Hadden what she’s most thankful for this year, you’d get a simple answer: Her locker.

She can’t stand carrying around an armful of books. Walking to her classrooms is kind of hard because she’s so little and the hallways are so big and some of the students are really big, but she gets through the day ok, she says.

Brittany was born in February of 2000. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite things are swimming, and hanging out with her friends.

Her favorite drink is Dr. Pepper and her eyes are hazel.

Brittany does not have any tardies.

Her favorite class in high school is American Government, because she says that is her favorite teacher.

Is high school lunch better than middle school?

“Yes,” she says. “Their food is hot.”

Brittany says she likes her teachers, too.

“The teachers I have are really nice,” Brittany says.

In the future, Brittany says she wants to be a pediatrician.

“I love working with children,” she said.