The man behind the mask

Matthew Morin is our new mascot, and loves his job


Matthew Morin brings school spirit to Cross Creek.

To most people the mascot at a school is just a man in a suit, but to Matthew Morin it’s more than just that. Matthew became our mascot on September 10. He says he wanted to become the famous Razorback “to be more involved, and to “turn up” at pep rallies, and football games.

Matthew says he had to talk to coaches Corley and White about being the school mascot.

He likes the attention he gets from the students.

“I’m really enjoying my senior year,” Matthew said. “Because I’m the mascot, kids really do love me.”

Matthew says being more involved during his senior year is really making it memorable. When asked what his mascot job requirement is, he says, “to boost the crowd and entertain people.”

Even though Matthew says he enjoys being our mascot, he says the suit gets uncomfortable  and extremely hot sometimes. At pep rallies Matthew says his favorite class to “turn up” with is “of course the seniors.”

Matthew, being a senior at Cross Creek, says his favorite class is Mrs. Cole’s psychology class.

“It’s my favorite because we get to work with the SPED kids,” Matthew said. “And it’s fun to interact with them and bring happiness into their lives.”

SPED stands for special education and students in psychology classes have the chance to interact and help out with some of our SPED students.

“Excited? Of course I am!” says Matthew, when asked about graduation in May, he says his biggest goal this year is to just graduate.  He says he is very adamant about attending Texas Tech for college.