Would you “go” there?

Enter if you dare..

Jamiquia Glover

Enter if you dare..

Girls, how many times have you walked into the women’s restroom in the school and seen multiple things that are unsanitary?

I’m sure that you all are fed up of how disgusting the restroom smells and how unstable the stalls are, this is “Ratchet” as in what our generation would call it. There have been plenty times that I have come into the restroom in between classes where I would find used feminine products over the floor that causes the entire restroom to have a horrendous smell, also the stall has no tissue.

Lastly there are some stalls that have no locks on the door which causes females to wait on stalls that can lock so they would have privacy while they are handling their business.

The janitors work very hard trying to keep the restrooms clean but certain things are out of their hands. One of the janitors, Ms. Yoho, had lots of complaints about the female restroom “Its very aggravating that I clean the restroom and when I comeback around1:30 and it’s back dirty again” also she says “I wish they would throw their feminine products in the garbage cans, but other than I really love my job.”

Then she made a final remark “Please, tell the girls to please stop writing on the stall and the walls in the restroom” she said pleadingly. As females of Cross Creek we should have enough respect for the janitors and our school to keep it clean and make sure we don’t cause extra hassle on our hard working janitors.