Why is algebra important?


Hannah Glover

A Cross Creek student works on algebra questions

A lot of kids are asking why algebra is so important? And when we will use it in our career?

Ms. Halls says “It’s the basis of math and is the most important subject in math”. She says a lot of teachers try to make it interesting for them.

Then why are kids still failing?

Ms. Halls says that students don’t get enough time but there are a lot of after school tutoring that would help.

Why do teens need to know algebra in their careers, and if so what kind of jobs? She said quit a few and explained to me why it’s important to know your algebra in these jobs like engineering, military, cashier, cosmology, computer science, doctor, and many more.

However some kids might find algebra a waste of time, others might find it important. For example Taylor grant was asked the question do you think algebra is easy and she says “Yeah I’m passing, I think algebra is fun. Felicerty Williams says It’s hard sometimes with some stuff we do, but you eventually get the hang of it” and Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t” when it comes to using it for a job. Charvickia Williams says she’s not passing and would like it a lot better if the class did more stuff like group work, Hands-on” activities, and games. She also says that you are most likely to know you’re your algebra when it comes to having a job. Gerrard Rucker says he is passing and “It helps you learn to graph”. He too thinks you need to know algebra to have a job. Thomas Aedet says he’s also passing but says it “Sometimes it can be boring” and thinks that it can be more fun games and activities. But all of them seem to agree that half of the class do good and the other half don’t and you are more likely to know algebra to have a good job.

So the next time you’re asking yourself “why are we learning this? Just remember how important it is to know your algebra in your dream career.