When termites attack

Cross Creek art room gets some unwanted visitors

Some of the damage caused by termites in Ms. Peakes room

Ms. Peake

Some of the damage caused by termites in Ms. Peake’s room

Ms.Peake usually doesn’t mind having guests in her room, but she was not too happy to find out she had these unwanted vistors.

One morning she discovered that termites had eaten up through her floor and started to gnaw on one of her cabinets.

She said was very upset to have to throw away all the paper in the cabinet.

At first Ms. Peake said she didn’t know what could have done the damage. She thought it could be a mouse, but said she didn’t see any “mouse droppings.”

When she learned it was termites, all she could wonder was if there were any more.

Mr. Jordan, a Cross Creek custodian, came and removed the damaged wood and paper.

“All I did was clean it up,” Jordan said.

Ms. Peake said she wished there was some way to spray for the termites that found their way into her room.

According to the website of Orkin pest control, termites live in colonies underground, from which they build tunnels in search of food. Their diet consists of wood and other cellulose material.