New NJROTC building a welcome addition

More room and better facilities are welcome by students and staff

A uniform supply room inside the new facility

Taliyah Pearson

A uniform supply room inside the new facility

Excitement is running high over the new NJROTC Building that opened Sept. 16.

“It’s a big building” Said Commander Shaw “ There are 300 plus students in NJROTC  and this building gives us more room to expand, and this could allow 500 students to be in NJROTC.” The new NJROTC building is indeed big; it has a range room, three classrooms, a conference room, an office, and an artillery room.

“I think it provides kids a chance to improve on their performances,” said Commander Shaw.

The NJROTC students used to do drill in the main hall but now that the new NJROTC building is built the students can now do drill inside of their building.

The rifle range no longer has to be set up in the cafeteria, because the new building has a rifle room and ranges. The new NJROTC building has been a huge positive impact on the NJROTC cadets.

“The new building is a lot better than the little classrooms on the end of 400 hall,” Shaw said.

Every instructor has his own classroom. There are also classrooms dedicated to the seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen.

The instructors have their own office so there is plenty of room to do their work and also plenty of privacy. The new building has its own male and female bathrooms.

There is also a supply room, which is double the size of the supply room that NJROTC had at the end of the 400 hall.

The cadets seemed very excited about the new NJROTC building.

“I feel like it gives us all the space we need,” said Shaylon Hughs. “It feels like our building, and when it is raining outside or to hot or too cold, we have our building to do inspections instead of doing inspections in the main hall, disturbing other classes.”