The big test

Anxiety abounds over SAT/ACT

SAT/ACT study words

Savannah Parsons

SAT/ACT study words

This is the time of year when juniors and seniors have letters on the mind: SAT and ACT.

The tests, which determine what colleges students can enter, are being administered throughout school year.

It can be a time filled with a lot of pressure for students trying to get the best score, pull all-nighters for studying, and load up on caffeine just to take a test.

Cross Creek Senior, Andrew Larabee, has already taken the ACT (without the writing portion) and says he prepared by studying online. When asked if he had a counselor help him pick which test to take Andrew responded, “Nope. I was very adamant on taking the ACT first.”

Larabee said he chose the ACT over the SAT because “it just seemed like a good starting point.” Andrew plans on taking the ACT including the writing portion again in October.

You are able to take the tests as many times as you want to get your desired score. Registering for the tests is an easy process, and you can go to your counselor for help if necessary.

Catherine Smith, another Senior at Cross Creek, has yet to take either test. She plans on taking both the ACT and SAT, but, with the help of Mr. Rowe, has decided to take the ACT first.

When asked if she’s started preparing she replied, “Not yet, but I plan on taking 15 minutes out of each day to study.”

The ACT and SAT tests are no joke. Practice makes perfect and any help you can get the better. Even though you can take it as many times as you want, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it your all each time, advisers say.