Student Spotlight: Javia Grice

Javia Grice

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Javia Grice

Have you ever walked in the hallways and heard a short girl saying she has cake? Those are the words of Javia Grice, a senior at Cross Creek High School. Javia is 17. Her birthday is Dec. 22. Her favorite color is purple.

Javia likes to hang out with her friends and go to the beach. She plays basketball, runs track and cross country.

Her favorite sport is track because she likes to run.

Javia strives to perform well academically and tries to balance her grades and friends.

Friends say she is a really fun person to hang around and a really nice person to talk to.

Javia is also senior class president.

“It feels like a huge responsibility and its fun because I’m cool with everybody,” she said. “So I feel like a big leader of all my friends.”