Keystone project stressing out seniors

The series of essays and novel reading has students working hard

If there is one word that has struck fear in the hearts of seniors this first nine weeks, it has to be Keystone.

The English project required for graduation is caused students to read every night and take extreme notes on the books they chose.

And then there were the papers to write.

Although papers were handed in today, the project still isn’t over. It has four parts, one for each nine weeks.

Seniors Brittany Simmons, Sarah Gaines and Kaitlyn Green are all raced to finish their projects.

The first part of the four-part project was broken into three sections.  The first part (text analysis) was due September 19. The second (proposal letter) was due September 26. The third part (analysis paper) was due today.

Simmons and Gaines both called the project “a waste of time.”

On the other hand, Green said, “I enjoy the Keystone project because I love to read.”

Simmons’ opinion was that seniors should have written about their pathways instead of picking and analyzing a book of their choice.

On Aug. 22, Simmons said she was only on page 140 of her book, “The Secret Life of Bees”, and was trying to finish the 300-page book.

Gaines thinks students should have had more than two months to do the assignment and as of August 22. She was only on page 32 of her book, “The Color of Water.”

As for Green, she too says that the seniors should have more than nine weeks to do the assignment.

On the same day she was only on page 98 of her book “All the Pretty Horses”.