Senior Spotlight: Sarah Thomas

Sarah Thomas

Je'Kevia Brown

Sarah Thomas

Senior Sarah Thomas has a simple phrase that sums up the way she judges character.

“It’s what you do when no one is looking that shows you your true self being,” says Sarah, a drummer in the school band.

Sarah says she enjoys playing tenor drums in the school band.

“It’s my first year playing,” she said. “But I am very good at playing. I just love the drums.”

The student also plays basketball, and loves to dance and mentor.

Sarah’s favorite subject is U.S history.

She is most known for her goofiness and colorful cartoon character socks.  She has a bubbly and funny personality and you can always catch her laughing and cracking jokes. Her favorite show is Kim Possible and her favorite color is red.

Her bestfriends are Kariah , Kiandra , Zikiah , Khaliah , and Sarah G.

When asked to describe herself, Sarah replied, “Honest and trustworthy, loving and caring, very funny and I’m very respectful.”

“I was just born this way,” she adds, with a smile. “I Love to entertain people.”