Homecoming plans set

Festivities will center on a “Wizard of Oz” theme

Ms. Corley is one of those in charge of planning Homecoming week

Chloe McDowell

Ms. Corley is one of those in charge of planning Homecoming week

Preparations for Homecoming week are already being set. October 13-17 is when all of the fun happens for all of the students. Mr. Jackson is taking care of Homecoming King and Queen.  Ms. Corely and Mrs. Ferda are designing shirts, developing what each day will be for Homecoming week will be.

The Homecoming theme will be The Wizard of Oz. Each hallway will be decorated in a different way, just like last year. Selective seniors will also be helping make decisions.

Freshman- (100 Hall) Tin man and his missing heart.

Sophomores- (200 Hall) Yellow Brick Road

Juniors- (400 Hall) Scarecrow (Hay and Denim)

Seniors- (500 Hall) City of Oz (Emerald City)

(300 Hall will be used for overall theme.)

Ms. Corely is very excited about homecoming this year.

“It’s gonna be great”, says Corely. “It’s gonna be fun if everyone gets involved”. Corely said that this homecoming will be better than last year.  “It is going to be awesome!” The football game later that night will be against Greenbrier Wolf Pack. Last year on homecoming, we had lost that game. This year, I’m sure they plan on doing things differently. “I’m really hoping that offense and defense will bring their A game”, says Coach Corely.

“I think it’s gonna be different because we have a new homecoming King and Queen”, says Coach Carter. “I think we’re gonna go out and beat Greenbrier like we did last year.”

We’re also having a homecoming parade at the end of the day on October 17 to show King, Queen and the clubs princess’s and princes. We will get pumped up for the game later that night for the big game. “The festivities should be more fun, the race for homecoming queen will be closer than ever”.

Class Competition to kick off Homecoming- each class will purchase a balloon (class colors) to be released Monday, Oct. 17 to kick off homecoming. The class that buys the most balloons will earn spirit points.

Monday- Munchkin Land (Elementary Day)

Tuesday- Good Witch of the North Vs. The Wicked Witch of the West (Opposite Twin Day)

Wednesday- The Field of Poppies (Pajama Day)

Thursday- We’re Not in Kansas Anymore (Throwback Day)

Friday- Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Spirit Day) Class Colors!

The Parade/Pep Rally will be held Friday, October 17, 2014 and each club will pick a King and a Queen to represent their club. There will also be performances by the band and the Cross Creek cheerleaders.

The Bonfire/Tailgate will also be held that night before the big game. It will be held in field to the left of the gate.

Former students are looking forward to the Homecoming game so they can come back and support their Razorbacks! Alumni Invitations are for the former cheerleaders, band members, dance girls, football players, etc.

At the game Friday night, Team Elite cheerleaders and football players, JV cheerleaders, Goshen Baby Backs, and possibly the Pine Hill cheerleaders will be performing that night, too.