Sleepy students

Student sleeping

Lindsay Pierce

Student sleeping

There is little disagreement among experts that sleep is very important to our mental and physical state. Not having enough sleep can be harmful and even deadly, studies show. Lack of sleep increases your risk of acne, makes you look bad, moody, and make bad grades. But the results of a study recently released by the American Academy of Pediatrics stated that the harmful effects of sleep deprivation on high school students can be even worse.

Among other things, the study suggested that high school students start school later in the day. If not having enough sleep affects our health and school work, then why do we get up so early for school?

How would people feel that we changed the time of school from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., for instance?

Guidance counselor Ms. Holmes, for one, says she isn’t sure starting later in the day would help students. “I know we have a lot of students that are tardy,” she said. “I’m not sure changing the time would help. Maybe 9 or 10 a.m. (would make a difference).”

Spanish teacher, Mr.Alvarnaz, feels certain a later start time would help students perform better. “I think it’ll be better,” he said. “I think it’ll give students a lot more time to wake up in the morning.”

Freshman Madison Hockenberry said, “It’ll probably help.” “It’ll be very good if we did that according to study’s.” says senior Neva Philp.

But what would Dr. Moore think of all this?

“Research says that kids with more sleep can perform more beneficially,” Moore said. But that doesn’t mean that he approves of the idea. “I’m not sure I would do it. It would have to be a county decision not the school’s decision.” Fact: Sleep is just as important to your health as much as the air you breath to water you drink to live.

Studies show that Teens need nine and a half hours of sleep each night to function best. Most teens do not get enough sleep. Another study shows that only 15% reported sleeping for 8 and half hours of sleep. But will changing the time make things better?.

Madison Hockenberry says “I think it’ll probably help.” Neva Philp says almost the same thing saying “I think it’ll help.”

Mr.Moore says “No, pros and cons to each”

There are consequences that comes to not getting enough sleep like having difficulties concentrating, having a hard time remembering stuff, increases your rick of acne, and leads to aggressive behavior So if kids start sleeping later, won’t this effect the transportation?

Ms. Holmes says “I think that’s probably why it hasn’t happened yet.” about changing the time. Mr.Moore says “ Yeah.” Neva Philps says “No, it shouldn’t affect the rush hour.” Mr.Alvarnaz says “I think the bus transportation thing can be easily solved.”

Will having teens sleep later make thing easier or worse?

According to “Review Teen Times” says that more sleep can help a teenager feel is happier, healthier and smarter. And the NSF poll calculated that the teenagers that don’t get enough sleep felt unhappy or depressed, hopeless for their future, nervous or tense, and worried too much. So not only getting enough sleep can affect your concentration, increase your risk of acne, and feel moody. But it can also increase your risk on having depression. Depression affects you physical and mental state even worse.

Since a majority of teens feel like they’re not getting enough sleep. Why is it not happening here? Can it happen here? Neva Philps says “Not really.” Madison Hockenberry says “Probably not.” Mr.Alvarnaz says “Possibility, it would be important if the parents choose.”

Teenagers are obviously not getting enough sleep and the only reason the school will not change its schedule to a later hour is because the Border of Education will not allow it even if that means to worsen a teen’s mental and physical state.