Bullying: the silent crime

Unless people speak up, bullies run unchecked.


Bria Posey

Bullies only get caught when they are reported (photo illustration)

Cross Creek has always been a supporter of National Anti-bullying Week but does that mean the school has never had bullies or had students who have been bullied?

Mr. Smith, the assistant principal of Cross Creek High School, said that Cross Creek has dealt with a student who had problems with bullying.  “It changed the way the student felt about school.” said Mr. Smith. Students should not feel uncomfortable at school because of their peers. It will change their attitude towards school and others.

“You could tell how the student felt because the student came to school with a different appearance and wasn’t acting as they usually would “, said Smith. “There clearly are two sides of the story and that made it even more difficult to the situation.’’, says Mr. Smith.

Moesha Williams hates when she gets bullied about her weight. “I hate it when I am bullied about how skinny I am.’’, said Williams. Many students have been bullied about their size. This may cause students to feel self-conscious and make them change themselves to please others.

‘’I don’t want to tell a teacher because it will not get handled the way I want it to.’’, stated Williams. Moesha doesn’t want the students to come to school so that she won’t have deal with them every day. To her the best way to handle the situation is to just leave it alone and ignore the comments.

Ms. Sheehan, the assistant principal of Cross Creek High School, said that there are different kinds of bullying. “For example, when a student comes and tell me that they have been bullied online and have received comments saying things like they are ugly, is just calling each other names online not bullying.”, said Ms. Sheehan.

“There has not been any bullying on Cross Creek ground that I know of”, said Ms. Sheehan when asked have she dealt with bullying this year.

No matter what, you should think twice  and forget about what people say or think about you, because at the end of the day they can’t determine who you are and what you are going to become.