Coach White’s 300th win


Jazmyne Walker

Coach white

Softball season ended without bringing attention to a major statistic.

On September 24, Cross Creek High School’s softball coach Lisa White led the Lady Backs into their 300th victory against  Grovetown High with a score of 8-4.

‘’There wasn’t much really going through my mind because it was my girls that did all the hard work,” she recalls. ” I was just out there to supervise.’’

White said that it’s not about the win, but about the girls.

‘’My motivation was seeing the girls develop over the years that I had them, but not just as softball players but as students preparing for college,” the coach said. “I prepared every season to get the fundamental of the game to win.’’

Most students that play a sport in high school earn a scholarship into college with that sport.

“I played softball in college and it was something I liked to do,” White said. “So I decided to teach it in high school.”

White’s first year as a coach at Cross Creek was in 1999, when the school first opened.

White said she plans to retire in 2018.

“Yes, I will be retiring when the freshman of this year graduate,” she said.