Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Patton


You may have noticed the big guy standing at the end of the science hall, and wondered who is that? Mr. Nelson Patton has been working here at Cross Creek for his sixth year now. When asked what made him want to become a teacher, he replied “I’ve always felt like I can give back the most by being a teacher.”

Mr. Patton was formally a Math teacher at Cross Creek. This year is the first year he has taught Physics. Patton says he switched subjects to be closer to his wife, who is also a science teacher at Cross Creek.

Along with his wife Mrs. Patton, two of his sons who also attend Cross Creek. Chandler is currently a senior, Trevor his younger son is a sophomore here at the school. Patton adds that he enjoys being so close to his family “because if there is ever any issue they are right here to help.”

Patton says his favorite thing about working with his family is that “we’re always together”, and one thing he dislikes is that “it is difficult to coordinate days off if needed.”

To add on top of all the stress of being a teacher Mr. Patton is currently the wrestling coach of the school. Patton says “Yes being coach does add more stress, because it’s more work, more paperwork, and you have to look after kids after school, but it’s very enjoyable.”

When asked why he wanted to start coaching, Patton said “coaching to me is helping young people grow into adults.”  Patton’s son Chandler competes as a wrestler, and when asked if Patton favors his son more, he says “No, if anything I’m harder on him about things.”

When asked if there was anything he could change here at the school, he says “Free ice cream, just kidding! More support for sport events.”