Fall is here

Students are mixed on whether they like it hot or cold


Kiara Saeze

Fall leaves on the ground.

Bring out your jackets, sweaters and scarves because fall is finally here!

It’s starting to get a little bit chilly outside and some students are not liking it one bit.

“It’s too cold. We have to stand outside every morning and my hands get as cold as ice!” said junior Nicole Troglen.

Even though some students dread this cold weather some students actually enjoy this season.

“Fall is my favorite season. I love wearing sweaters, the smell of Pumpkin spice and who can forgot about Halloween.” said junior Courtney Utley.

Just looking around in school you can tell its fall season because of the style change.

Students went from wearing tank tops and skirts to long-sleeved shirts with scarves and jeans. Not to mention all the pretty fall colors all around the school such as orange, yellow and red.

Many students claim fall to be their favorite season because of the holidays that are right around the corner.

Students can’t wait for Thanksgiving break so that they can go home and relax with family but they are really ready to fill themselves with delicious food on Thanksgiving Day.

What costume are you wearing? What neighborhood are you going to? Halloween has been everything students talk about throughout the school.

Junior Payton Harris has the honor of doing the Halloween hoopla right here in our school on Halloween day. “I hope everybody can come out and have fun with us at the hoopla on Halloween night. There will be games, prizes and more!”