Random search creates rumors

School officials say it was part of district’s plan to make schools safer


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Officer Pitt

Students are still talking about the random school search that took place on Tuesday, as buses arrived at Cross Creek.

The first school search of the year surprised the students and even some of the teachers. There were rumors going around saying there was a bomb threat, or someone possessed a gun or drugs. However, none of those accusations have been proven to be true.

Richmond County’s new superintendent, Dr. Angela Pringle, has instructed schools within Richmond County to have random searches to keep students safe. Random school searches within our richmond county schools will indeed keep our schools safe, Cross Creek school resource Officer Pitt said.

The schools are intending to set up metal detectors to scan students to make sure students are not caring any weapons or drugs on them, Pitt said.

Richmond County schools having random searches could prevent school shootings, and drug deals from being made with in schools, Pitt said.

“There is no future in stupidity,” Pitt said. “Students should not be carrying weapons or drugs, but if they are and they’re caught during a random school search, they deserve to be locked away.”

Some students at Cross Creek were annoyed by the random searches.

Robert Crider, an 11th-grader, was one of those.

“I think it’s stupid that we are having random school checks,” Crider said. “Because it being random, we can get our phones taken.”

Others, however, are happy that there are random school searches being conducted at schools.

”I feel that random school searches are beneficial because it helps check for weapons and it helps better our schools,” Brandon Pearson, an 11th-grader at Cross Creek, said.

Mr. Rowe, a guidance counselor at Cross Creek, said he believes random searches should be carried out at the school.

Everyone at Cross Creek High School has mixed feelings about random searches being conducted, but its overall for a good cause.  “I think it ought to occur because it aids in our safety and security,” Rowe said.