Now is not the time to rest on your laurels.

A disease called ‘Senioritis’ is taking many students by surprise.

Some students do not believe that senioritis actually exists, and others know they probably already have it.

For some students that do not know, senioritis is the name given to the condition of laziness that plagues many seniors who figure that they can merely goof off their last year.

Some students might think it is a crazy joke and others experience it firsthand.

It is amazing how just the thought of graduating can change a student’s work ethic and habits, not for the better.

Mrs. Hall the student counselor gave the information that 27 percent of seniors failed two or more classes last nine weeks.

“It will get better; it’s not a good thing,” said Cross Creek principal, Dr. Moore.

“Seniors need to get serious and get focused. Also, they should start staying after school, and coming to Saturday school every Saturday from 9 a.m.-12 p.m.”

Tyana Griffin, a senior, says, “I passed all of my classes last nine weeks, but I believe during the second semester I will catch senioritis, because it’s getting closer to the end of the school year and I’m getting closer to graduation.”

School guidance counselors say students really need to realize that it is neither cool nor fun to have senioritis. They say students need to buckle down and really focus on the important things, such as their studies.