Nowhere you want to be

People in ISS would rather be almost anywhere else

Students sitting silent in the ISS room

Jamiqua Glover

Students sitting silent in the ISS room

During your four years of high school you would be very lucky to never make it to room 114 on the 300 hall.

To those who don’t have the slightest clue what that room is, it’s In School Suspension (ISS). It’s filled with silence, with your head facing a white wall with a little graffiti from former and current students, and an instructor known as Coach Cummings who searches high and low for any students that tries to skip going to In School. Cummings is also known to some students as “The Bounty Hunter.”

Not to mention when you are in the room with him you may hear him yell “PICK YOUR HEAD UP!” really loud to students that head may fall in their misery while sitting in a uncomfortable desk for 8 hours.

For the most part students only make it there when they are out of dress code or for the punishment of tardiness and other rules students may have broken.

Keyara Jackson, Senior here at Cross Creek believes that In School Suspension is a cruel and unusual punishment to students and they should just send them home on out of school suspension (OSS). “When I receive a write up with “ISS” written on it, I just ask for my days at home because I simply hate that place” said Keyara.

In school isn’t just ran by Coach Cummings it’s also run by Coach White who is also our athletic director and coach of the softball team. When asked what she had to say about ISS she replied “do the little things right, that’s all.”

However, there is a way out of ISS.  If  the administrators feel that one students offense is worse than another’s, the student with the lesser offense is realised.

After experiencing your very first time in ISS you will learn fast that at whatever cost try to never have to enter again.