Turkey day approaches

Students and staff are gearing up for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving break is coming up and students already have the ‘hunger’ fever.

Student Tyra Lockhart said for this thanksgiving she plans to entertain her family at her house and mostly eat.

“I wish I could go see my family in Florida and in Atlanta.” said Lockhart. “I hope everyone will have someone to spend time with and eat.”

Kevin Moreno is looking forward to spending time with family. “I will be eating with my family and getting ready to go Black Friday shopping, and also hoping to see some of my family,” said Moreno.

Mr. Rowe Said on Thanksgiving Day he will be attending church and afterwards he will be going to Hilton Head. He plans to have a  South Carolina meal with his family.

Trevin Aswarnauth says his plans for Thanksgiving is to spend time with his family and friends and go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York. “I believe that Thanksgiving is a time for family and celebration for the things you have and the things you wish you had” Aswarnauth said.

Many people are just eating and visiting family members. One person on YouTube challenged everyone to go out and do something nice with people outside of your family, and to go out and give a homeless person a meal. Doing things out of the ordinary is a wonderful thing especially around the holidays.