Students who work

Trayce Audet

Terry Lawrence

Trayce Audet

Terry Lawrence, Staff Writer

For some students, it’s hard enough trying to keep up with class work and assignments for seven classes.

But what’s it like for those students who also work?

Trayce Audet is one of those.

Trayce does landscaping outside of school. He goes to different neighborhoods to do other peoples’ yards. He says it’s a fun thing to do and he also does it with a friend.  They get paid by how many yards they do. They work nearly every day,  but try to balance it out with school. 

In addition to cutting lawns, Trayce does woodwork, carving figures that he places in landscapes. Tracye says the work keeps him active while out of school, and also keeps him out of trouble.

Freshman Wesley Fuller also does lawncare, and cuts two to three yards a day, at $40 apiece.

 He also does side jobs fixing cars, and doing oil changes, tune-ups, and car stereo installations. Wesley says he manages to keep his grades up, despite working.

Starr Gibson, a junior, is  a cheerleading coach for the recreation department. She has to make sure cheerleaders learn new routines and look their best. She gets paid $85 per week, not including extra cheer fees. Starr said the job doesn’t interfere with her school work and she enjoys it.

 “It’s fun, because cheering is my passion,” she said.