Sneaker heads

Daryl Littles, Staff Writer

Sneakers go as far back as far as the 18th century. Back then it was just a rubber sole and there was no left or right pair. Now we are in the 21th century and sneakers are taking over the shoe business.

Many people all over the United States will camp out in front of a store to get the newest shoes that might only come out once. At cross creek we have some of these “sneaker heads”. They are the people that walk around the school with the “fyest J’s”. Kell Berry is a basketball player and also a fellow sneaker head. He said “I became a sneaker head around the tenth grade”. He said he has about twelve pairs of sneakers.

Sneakers are a little like new movies. They both have releases dates and there are going to be a long line for them if they are any good.

Sneaker heads look at how the shoe looks, like the colors and the style of the shoe. Berry said he wakes up early in the morning and get in the long lines to get his sneakers but only if they look good. He said “if I want I’ll get them”. He said his favorite shoes are the “Ferrari” 12s.

Sneaker heads don’t get their shoes from the local wal-mart so that means that they have to pay a pretty penny for them.

Kiandra Duhart, a student and another sneaker head said, “it depends on the shoe”. If the shoe company knows a lot of people are going to want the shoe then the price will be higher for the shoe. Not a lot of people are willing  to invest in the shoes however.

If you want to buy the shoe after the release date then the shoe price might sky rocket. When the Lebrons came out they were only $250 online at the nike store, now the shoe is $400 on