Mat Hogs going strong

Wrestling team is having a stellar season.

Chandler Lopez pins Truitt Slade during wrestling conditioning

Christian Santiago

Chandler Lopez pins Truitt Slade during wrestling conditioning

Chloe McDowell, Staff Writer

The Mat Hogs are at it again this year. Their last match was in Hiram, Ga.

Cross Creek finished second place overall, out of ten teams. The record is 15-4 as a team.

“We are doing better so far than the previous years,” wrestling coach, Mr. Patton said. Mr. Patton said he  likes coaching wrestling because you don’t let someone dominate you. In addition to wrestling, Patton coaches boys track and is also the assistant football coach.

The two most outstanding wrestlers are Xavier Ansley and Brandon Dowling. Xavier has 14 wins, 13 pins, 82 team points and 21 takedowns this year.

“He has really stepped up this year and is currently leading in all four categories,” Patton said.

 Brandon has 13 wins, 12 pins, 75 team points and 19 takedowns so far this season.

“I think it is going to be a productive season”, says Patton. It’s a more physical sport; you compete as an individual and a team.”    

Wrestling usually starts at the beginning of November, and runs through the middle of February. The season usually lasts around four months.

“I think things are going to look good this year,” Patton says. “I look forward to hopefully having my first state champion.”

Damon Brzozowski likes wrestling because it is fun and he’s interested in it. His dad made him want to start wrestling when he talked about it a lot.

“I want to follow out with my dad,”  Damon said. “I think wrestling is cool.”

Damon thinks the Mat Hogs are going to win this season.

“My teammates are all cool because they help out; we’re basically all best friends,” Damon said. He has lost two matches and won three.

Trayce Audet is another member with the Mat Hogs; he says that it’s fun to do and it helps with all of your anger. “Coach Patton asked me if I want to wrestle and I said I would try it.” Trayce said. He likes wrestling because he has fun with his teammates; he thinks that the season is going to go really well. “My teammates are fun to hang out with and they’re really funny,” he says.

Brandon Dowling likes to wrestle because it is his key to success. “Wrestling is something I love doing,” he says.

Brandon couldn’t ask for a better group of brothers. He has won 19 matches and lost 0. This year is going to be “Hella awesome,”  he said.