A sticky topic

Gum under desks is not only gross, but creates laundry chaos


Savannah Parsons

One of the cleaner desks in a classroom where gum has run wild

Savannah Parsons, Staff Writer

Have you ever been sitting in class, minding your own business, when all of a sudden you touch a big glob of gum under the desk?

Most students have probably been there at least once.

And most would likely agree that it’s disgusting and needs to stop.

How did the habit of putting chewed up gum under the desk instead of a trash can start?

“It’s disgusting, dude,” said senior, Cody Olive, who’s had at least eight  incidents with the nasty, chewed-up gum under the desk.

Custodian for the 200 hall, Ms. Yoho, said, “I hate it,” when asked about what it’s like to clean up gum mess in classrooms.

“We do all that kind of cleaning during the summer,” she added, “because we don’t have time to scrape  gum during the day when y’all are here.”

But Cody doesn’t blame custodians for gum under desks.

It’s disgusting, dude”

— Cody Olive

“Nope, but I don’t think it’s really their job,” he said. ” The kids shouldn’t be that ignorant to put gum under the desks.”

The gum isn’t just under the desks either. Some students have complained about sitting in the gum. Others have complained about it getting stuck to their pants when their legs hit the bottom of the desks.

However, there are some people that just don’t care about the gum issue.

“Personally, I don’t have a problem with gum under the desk,” said senior Matthew Morin. “It’s not a place that I tend to put any of my extremities. It’s not a big deal.”