What’s on everyone’s Christmas list?

Students and teachers tell us what’s on their Santa list


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The holidays are already here. What do you want?

Lindsay Pierce and Keyosha Patterson, Staff Writers

With Christmas right around the corner, the staff of the Cross Creek Times thought it would be interesting to know what some of the teachers and students wanted for the holiday.

Here’s what they said:

Niashia Lawrence wants jewelry.

Stephanie Casnave wants a new computer.

Ms. Wesley wants all her favorite students to have a good Christmas

Sarah Thomas wants some money.

Bridget Scarborough wants a puppy.

Shaylon Hughs wants clothes and a ticket home to New Orleans!

Mr. Gordon wants everyone to have a good holiday.

Voshon Key wants a laptop and a light saber.

Mrs. Washington wants good health, strength, and peace.

Ms. Young wants a pay raise.

Jaqwan Cummigns wants an MK watch.

Harley Smith wants a new cellphone.

Ms. Justice wants a pay raise, a happy holiday, and return home safely.

Hannah Mays wants money.

Rese Givens wants money too.

Avery Jackson wants all the diseases in the world cured.

Christian Phillips wants a car!

And finally, Mr. Jackson wants to see his mother and father again.

What do you want for Christmas? Tell us in the comment section below.