Thermostat blues

Sometimes the temperature in the class makes learning difficult


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Je'Kevia Brown, Staff Writer

The temperature at Cross Creek sometimes seems to be a problem at school.

Some students say that the temperature is okay, and others say that it differs within each classroom, with classes being too warm or classes being too cold.

What do students actually think about the temperature and who controls it?

In every classroom there are thermostats, but do teachers know the right temperature for students so they won’t complain about it being too hot or too cold?

“When it’s cold in a class I go to sleep, if it’s too hot I’ll stay awake,” said junior Ionia Creech. “I like the temperature to be at least 85 degrees I don’t like it being lower than that. I fall asleep every day because of the temperature.”

Mrs. Glover, who teaches forensics and anatomy, said if it’s too hot or cold in the classroom then it can make it difficult for students to concentrate.

“The biggest problem is I’m closer to the outside doors,” Glover said. “So my temperature is whatever the temperature is outdoors.”

For that reason, Mrs. Glover said she has to adjust her classroom temperature just about every day.

Student Deon Cain said he is affected by the temperature at times.

“I like the temperature to be warm but not ‘hot hot,’ because then I will have to walk out to catch some air,” he said. “If the temperature is too cold I put my arms in my shirt or something. Then it makes me sleepy, but sometimes a wear a jacket to prepare myself.”

Since it’s still winter time students should bring jackets and sweaters in case some classrooms be a little too cold.