Rocket Man

Mr. Oglesby uses rocket launches to teach his students physics


Staff Photo

Mr. Oglesby, holding a rocket like the one he uses for his physics classes

Taliyah Pearson, Staff Writer

A project with rockets is a pretty cool way to learn physics and that is exactly what Mr. Oglesby did for his physics classes during the first nine weeks.

The project was called Project Launch and it was conducted to study velocity, acceleration, and distance, Oglesby said.

The advanced students were allowed to build their rockets, but each class observed its own rocket.

“Using rockets for this project was to make learning fun,” Mr.Oglesby said.

It tested gravity and it was pretty fun.”

— Junior Dennis Gordon

Estes rocket kits were used in the project.

“It went very well and the students were excited about it,” Mr. Oglesby said. “And I think they learned from it.”

Dennis Gordon, a junior, said he enjoyed and learned from the project.

“It tested gravity and it was pretty fun,” Dennis said.

Junior Lindsey Conrad added, “It helped a lot because it was hands on and it helped students to remember what they were learning.”