Diabetes from a diabetic’s eye


Destinie McNeal

These are the items that are a part of Destinie’s everyday life

Destinie McNeal, Staff Writer

I’m Destinie McNeal and I go to Cross Creek High School. I’m in the ninth grade. I love art, music and being with friends.

One thing that some people know about me is I’m a diabetic.

But they are really not sure what that means.

I have type 1, known as juvenile diabetes. Basically kid’s diabetes. Type 1 is where the body does not produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, starches and other food into energy needed for daily life.

Destinie McNeal
Destinie McNeal

I have to watch what I eat. All day every day.

My blood sugar should be from 120 to about 230, and that’s cutting it close. It’s different for everyone though. Anything under 120 is low to me. I get shaky, dizzy, whiney, sleepy, cold and very quiet. To fix this I have to eat and wait for the sugars and carbs to kick in.

My blood sugar can also go to high from eating too much, or not taking the right amount of insulin.  When it’s high I get headaches, stomachaches , extreme thirst, sleepy, hot, and feel like throwing up and there’s a few more thing I feel sometimes. It’s different with ever number and some feelings can be worst then others. Having diabetes is a big responsibility and a headache.

But it’s something I have to deal with for rest of my life. I just have to deal with it.