Teachers rout students 38-15

Annual basketball game made fun end to the week

Staff Report

Students and teachers squared off on the basketball court Friday in the gymnasium as part of an annual tradition.

The tournament is meant as a way to blow off some steam as Cross Creek passes the mid-year threshold.

Although it was a light-hearted tournament, that didn’t mean players on both sides didn’t take it seriously.

Despite the disadvantage of age, the teachers still came out ahead, 38-15.

Chief Scott puts one in.
Staff photo
Chief Scott puts one in.

Members of the teachers team included, principal, Dr. Moore; and coaches White, Bailey, Carter, and McCarty.

Impressive plays on the students team were made by players Marcus Johnson, Matthew Morin, Sherrod Williams and Tazyhma Thomas.

During the second half of the game Thomas shot an 3-point that made the crowd go insane. 

Williams went in for a lay up and Chief Scott caught him in mid-air.

Students took their loss well and both sides shared high-fives at the end of the game.