Juniors on the rise

Starr Glisson, a junior, has big plans after graduation

Terry Lawrence

Starr Glisson, a junior, has big plans after graduation

Terry Lawrence, Staff Writer

While much attention is on seniors and their approaching graduation, juniors are already starting to think about what their final year will be like. From preparing for college entrance exams, to envisioning walking across the graduation stage, juniors are preparing to embark into the world.

Brianna Lawrence is a junior at Cross Creek. She feels excited that next year will be her last year and she’s already preparing to graduate. And after she graduates from high school she wants to attend to Georgia State University for four years to become a nurse.

In order for that to happen Brianna says while she is in school, she will talk to her guidance council about taking the ACT in order for her to attend to that college that she really wants to go to for her success. She wants to keep pushing herself so she can make things better in her life by studying hard and paying attention in class to meet all of her goals to become successful in her life. She feels that if she follows her thoughts and goals that she can be able to graduate from cross creek and get her diploma and go to University State College.

Brianna Partain is another junior at Cross Creek. She is looking forward to being a senior. Brianna wants to attend college at Kennesaw State University, but she knows that in order to do that she has to stay focused on school.

Junior Starr Glisson makes sure she stays on top of her grades. She wants to make sure she keeps high standards to become successful with her life. Starr wants to attend a school in Alabama with a well known cosmetology program. She is going to do whatever it takes to earn all of her credits in her senior year to put her in a better position and to keep her head straight so she can graduate.