Cambatta’s new mix-tape is fly

Metaphors and deep meanins run throughout the release

Cambattas new mix-tape is fly

Daryl Littles, Staff Writer

Smoke & Mirrors: The Womb is a new mix tape that just dropped. Its a nine song mix tape that’s just amazing all around. Cambatta is from New Haven, Conn. He has been called the Chuck Norris of hip-hop. In this mix tape he has killer metaphors all throught out it. I feel that the first song, the womb, is the best on the tape. With that being said all of the songs go hard. When I first got the mix tape I listened to it five times straight. Every time you will hear something new. This has be the best mix tape of 2015 so far. His album art is really eye grabing. When you look at it, it grabs your attention and it goes with the title of the album. On Dat Piff it got one hundred likes.