Cross Creek Times staff gets inside look at news production

Trip to News Channel 6 was enlightening for journalism class


Staff Photo

The Cross Creek Times staff at News Channel 6

Jamiquia Glover, Staff Writer

Members of the Cross Creek Times staff got an inside look at the daily operations of a television newsroom during a recent field trip.

The staff had the opportunity to visit Television Park, which consists of WJBF Channel 6, Channel 26 and also got a behind-the-scenes look at the cooking and lifestyle show “The Dish.”

First, we walked through an office space where there was several cubicles where employees got their work done. Then she led us into the news room where there was over 50 office desk where the reporters worked on their stories to be published on air.

I think it motivated me to better our site. It was exciting. I wanted to get a job there.”

— Hannah Glover, Cross Creek Times editor

She then explained that the reporters have a police scanner which keeps them aware of things that happen here in Augusta.

“I like that we all got to experience an actual news studio and we got to see behind the scenes,” said Hannah Glover, editor of the Cross Creek Times. “I think it motivated me to better our site. It was exciting. I wanted to get a job there.”

When the police scanner sends an alert to the newsroom, reporters go out and get the information, bring it back to their desk, and edit the story to be aired on the news later on that day.

There was a room filled with sports posters, games schedules, and sports ads from the newspaper where reporters plan sports coverage and Scholar Athlete stories to air.

Then we came into a room with the meteorologist Ed Bloodsworth, who explained the various satellite images and computer models that help him predict the weather for Augustans.

One of the highlights of the trip was meeting news anchors Jennie Montgomery and Mary Morrison. Morrison gave students an inside look at the news industry and gave them tips on getting a journalism job.