“Kickin’ It with Katie”: A prom idea whose time has come?

Catherine Slade, Staff Writer

 When something is not exactly the way you want it, do you decide to speak up, or keep it to yourself?

Well word has it that the seniors of Cross Creek are standing up for what they believe in; after all it’s about their satisfaction. Organizers are keeping tight-lipped till they have their ducks in a row.

In past years, seniors have griped about the prom being held in the cafeteria. Why can’t it be held at a venue off campus the way some high schools do, they have asked.

The high school prom, a day seniors, juniors and their guests plan to be amazed, ought to be in a place that sets the mood for a party, yet has a sense of class. Some say the cafeteria, despite how beautifully it’s decorated, is not that place.

With more than 200 guests attending, it’s safe to say that things can get a bit crowded. Yet with decorations, entertainment, food and party goers there never seems to be enough seating or room to dance to your jam.

People in the know say an initiative is afoot to try to change the prom’s venue. Stay tuned as the story progresses.