Verbal sexual harassment

Lindsay Pierce, Staff Writer

There seems to be a lot of sexual harassment (mostly verbal) that a lot of people just ignore. Though most schools are very strict about sexual content, verbal sexual harassment does not seem to be noticed.

One of Cross Creek’s resource officers, Officer Pitt, has stated that “I shouldn’t be done.” He also said “It’s not tolerated by the school board.” But how many times does it take for a person who has been sexually harassed for something to be done?

Some say it takes multiple times before the school does something about it. But, Pitt says, “ It only takes one time.”

Those that have sexually harassed someone only once can be charged with a tribunal offense or expelled. But sexual harassment happens all the time and goes unnoticed.

“It goes unnoticed unless you report it,” Pitt said.

But what about verbal sexual harassment?

According to the Georgia state law book, there are no statements saying that verbal sexual harassment is not a violation of the law. “But  it is a violation of the school board.” Pitt said.

Verbal sexual harassment happens most often to females. So what do girls think of the verbal sexual assault? And should it be taken as seriously? Should there be something done about it?

Kierra Mustafa says, “I think there should be something done about it but I don’t think that will happen. It’s not as serious as other things but I think it’s wrong.”

Katlin Yarad says “I think it’s wrong and it shouldn’t be done to anybody. I think it’s wrong to talk to someone like that.”

Tiara Moore says “I think it’s horrible. I don’t think people should do it. I don’t think nothing should be done because nothings been done and they’re not going to stop.”

So, verbal sexual harassment is not taken seriously as other kinds of sexual harassment. But others think it should be dealt with just the same.