Not just for farmers


Hannah Glover

FFA wreath made by a student

Hannah Glover, Editor

FFA camp is an event known to many. When it gets closer to time to be let out of school for the summer, if you are anywhere on the CTAE hall, you are bound to hear students talking it.

FFA Camp is held in Covington GA and is over the duration of a week. Cross Creek’s Basic Agriculture teacher Mrs. Stacey Highfill starts recruiting camp-goers around the first of the year, even though it is talked about as soon as school starts.

It is a much anticipated event and many students say that if you enjoy FFA week, a week of activities, dress up days and more, you will love FFA camp. 

 The cost to go to camp is 140 dollars.  However, if you aren’t able to pay the full price upfront, a nonrefundable price of $70 will guarantee your spot.

All fees and applications are due February 20. 

Each school that attends camp is given an itinerary the day they arive for the week ahead of them.  

Some of the activities at camp include, softball and volleyball tournaments, team competitions, the blob, dances, food decorating competitions, and many more.

There are also things not so “recreational” that each school is required to do. Things such as seminars, and team building activities.

FFA camp is definitely an experience students should take part of if they are interested. It allows you to build relationships, skills and many other things. You also get the opportunity to meet other students from all over Georgia that share a lot of the same interets.