Sorry 4 The Weight

Daryl Littles, Staff Writer


Sorry 4 The Weight

Chief Keef strikes again with a killer new mixtape called “Sorry 4 The Weight”.

Pause. I thought ‘Lil Wayne made a mix tape called Sorry for the Wait? Well Chief Keef did a word switch on the mixtape.

His album cover has the same colors as ‘Lil Wayne’s mix tape. Enough about the outer appearance let’s talk about the mixtape its self.

The first song of the tape is titled W.W.Y.D. he starts it off by talking about where he is from and his city, Chicago. He tells us that he was from the south side.

After all of that he goes in to the song and he don’t disappoint. Today was the day it dropped on datpiff and it had 100% likes.

If you’re looking for a reason to download this tape you should know that this tape is amazing and there is no bad song on it. In Sosa Chamberlain he explain Glo gang.

He says Glo Gang is short for glory boys and he say that they can be called either one. After all of that all you hear is rapping and it amazing.

This has to be the hardest mixtape he has ever dropped.