Cross Creek grad takes to the seas

Navy provides him a career and a way to see the world.


Savannah Parsons

Devontae Blackshear graduated last year and has a found a career in the Navy.

Savannah Parsons, Staff Writer

From Cross Creek Razorback to Navy sailor, Davontae Blackshear, also known as “Bubbles”, graduated class of 2014 and enlisted in the U.S. Navy.

Blackshear is currently visiting home, but will soon be stationed in Hawaii for three years. Due to him being No. 1 in his class, he got the privilege to choose where he wanted to go. He chose Hawaii because he saw Hawaii as the biggest opportunity to go somewhere he’s always wanted to go but has never been.

“I see this as making me stronger and teaching me how to live away from home and not depend on people.””

— Devontae Blackshear

Devontae said one of his reasons for joining the military was to cut down on college costs.

“College is really expensive,” Devontae said. “So I thought, I could go see the world, get paid for it, and go to college on the side.”

Blackshear’s job in the Navy is to maintain and fix anything mechanical on submarines.

Davontae misses high school and all of the people in it who helped him succeed like, Ms. Highfill, all the ROTC staff, Dr. Moore, Ms. Lawrence, Ms. Sheehan, Mr. Smith, all of guidance, and especially Mr. Rowe.

One of his most memorable moments of high school was when Literature/Journalism teacher, Mr. Neill, ate a cool ranch Dorito off of the floor.

He misses his family, but says, “I see this as making me stronger and teaching me how to live away from home and not depend on people.”

Joining the Navy has changed Davontae.

“I’ve definitely grown up a lot,” he said. “I’ve learned to take responsibility for my actions a lot more, and act more mature.”

While he might be more mature, Devontae said he still enjoys a good snow fort and watching “Boy Meets World” on his laptop while eating sesame chicken.