Josh Spalding

Josh Spalding

Jazmyne Walker

Josh Spalding

Jazmyne Walker, Staff Writer

A star student is one who behaves well in class, one who is responsible, and one who leaves a good impression on the teacher. Teachers at Cross Creek who teach nontraditional classes such as, cosmetology or band were asked about their star students.

Ms. Hammock, band teacher at Cross Creek High School, said that her star student is Josh Spalding.

“Josh has worked really hard since he was a sophomore,” said Ms. Hammock. “He was shy when he began, but he could read music really well. He is the drum major this year, so he has done really well.”

Josh, a senior, said that he really enjoys music, and has for a long time. This is his third year in the band.

“I play the drums and this year I am the drum major,” Josh said. “I’ve played the drums in church ever since I was a little boy. Since then it has stuck with me.”