Chorus festival

Kiara Saez, Staff Writer

Chorus students are showing off their stuff today and Friday for the chorus festival. The festival is when different schools choir come and perform their selection of songs that they have been practicing all year in front of judges.

The festival consists of Elementary, Middle and High school choirs.

Schools choirs practice different song selections everyday in order to perfect them so they can achieve high scores when they come and perform on stage for the judges. Every choir gets judged on reading and notating music as well.

The festival takes place every year during March in the high school they select to have it in. Last year the festival took place here in Cross Creek where many school choirs such as Davidson, ARC, AR Johnson, Hephzibah High and many other schools came to sing and get scored on how their choir performs. “I’m excited for LGPE to start this year.” says junior Alexis Scott. “We are singing good song selections this year so I am confident that our scores will be excellent!”

The festival will take place on March 26-27, 2015 here at Cross Creek. “I expect the superior of scores this year as always.” said Cross Creeks own chorus teacher Jerome Peterson. “Our choir will be singing on Thursday as a whole group and on Friday our advanced womens choir will perform their song selections.”