Ring committee organizing for next year

Volunteers are being sought to help hook future grads up with class rings

A Cross Creek class ring

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A Cross Creek class ring

Chloe McDowell, Staff Writer

Cross Creek’s Ring Committee, headed by Mrs. Cole, is already getting ready for next year.

The committee helps students choose class ring styles and sizes for graduation.

Cole has asked several sophomores to help her with getting ready for the next school year, and is still looking for volunteers.

“I like being on the committee because it’s the first big event for juniors leading to graduation,” Cole says. “I’ve been a part of the committee for several years now.”

“I like the way my committee organizes and plans it. They know the right decorations and the right food. It’s not too stuffy like a graduation, it’s laid back.” She says.

Although a class ring can provide a great memory for graduating students, they often don’t come cheap.

“I think the students are excited about getting their ring,” Cole said. “But the parents are disappointed by the cost.”

Mrs. Cole says that her committee is doing very well so far. They have only met once and they will start meeting more in the fall.

Alex Arnett is a current sophomore who was asked to be a part of the committee.

“I like being on the committee, because if you’re wearing your t-shirt, you have a lot of people that come up to you asking you for your ring size, and you have the chance to meet new people,” he said. “I have ordered my class ring and I’m very excited about it.”

More people are going to the basic style, not the more fancy ones. At least half of the class has ordered their ring so far. Most people have gotten a silver ring, too Alex Said.

“The Ring Ceremony will be sometime in October, we’ll start planning when we come back to school in August and we’ll start meeting more to plan more details” Alex said.

Summer Moye, a former sophomore, is buying a class ring.

“I am very excited; I wanted to get a ring so I can have a little piece of high school with me when I graduate,” said summer, who is getting a silver ring, an FFA emblem, a hunting emblem and a blue stone. “Getting a ring will be a big, important part of my life. I have been waiting to get it since last year.”